Dwarf bard ( a.k.a. "Logan", "The Lotus Drummer")


Logandricus, or Logan as he commonly refers himself, is a dwarf native to the continent. He came to Sasserine many years ago and tried to establish himself as an information broker and guide of sorts. He has never been very successful, which is partially because his love of good stories and rumors overcomes his business sense and he ends up gossiping more than selling his information. During this time, he found his way into becoming a bard focusing in the college of lore, which suits his pursuit of gossip, stories, rumors, and information… all of which he rarely keeps to himself.

He recently ended up embroiled with the Lotus Dragons, and has been their lead propagandist for years. He is well-liked, and because of his known difficulty in keeping secrets, he has been kept at arm’s length from the Lotus Dragon leadership.



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