The Compass Rose

Viledel's Isle to Sasserine: Nurmont 23 - Vatermont 5

Investigating Sasserine

Having defeated five zombies infesting the crypt of the Sea King, and escaping a narrow call from disease, the survivors escaped on their small boat. With some salvaged valuables from the island, they determined that they were approximately ten days northeast of the city of Sasserine and twelve days south of Arcata Nova. Because of their ties to the former, a course was set for Sasserine, the jewel of the archipelago.

Perhaps due to a final blessing from the unnamed goddess, the boat arrived safely in Sasserine, which in retrospect was quite a shocking feat for such a small boat on the open ocean. Regardless, the arrival in Sasserine was perhaps not atypical. The locals seem to have little time or patience for that which does not fatten their coin purses, and while they might embrace the unusual, they certainly dislike the strange.

Dr. Tsuo, with his Olmecan heritage, received a mixed welcome, but everyone else was generally respected if there was money being exchanged.

Excess equipment was sold, and some new equipment was purchased. The boat that brought the group from the Sea King’s island was sold, giving some needed gold, but now leaving the group with no way of their own off the island. Considering that the boat was probably unsafe, this might have been the best option for disposing of the boat.

Dr. Schuu was on the receiving end of racial discrimination from a smith’s assistant, whom he vowed to return, slay, and eat his still-beating heart (perhaps I am exaggerating that last part, but I don’t always understand Dr. Chu).

The group reconnoitered at the Witchwarden’s Tower with the dual purpose in mind of identifying some magic items (the gold was deemed more important than the knowledge) and acquiring a spellbook for Zook.

The same evening’s lodging was secured at a nearby inn called simply “The Wretch”.

Next week, we will be picking things up here. If you have anything you’d like to do in the city, send me a message. We’ll resolve it here, if possible before Tuesday.

I did not explicitly state this, but Arik has gone his own way, as has Melisana. Both gave you information as to how to contact them, should you wish to, in the future.


Datharaur Datharaur

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