From humble beginnings, a handful of lost souls must rise above their misfortune to achieve greatness.

The uncountable islands of the subtropical Korina Archipelago are the sanctuary for many who have fled from the never-ending wars of distant Altamere. That land, where the life of the common man is cheap and reckless kings all-too-often burn their lives, and kingdoms, out in blazes of glory.

The Korina Archipelago is home to several large city-states, each of which views the others as rivals, but generally coexist, for there are greater threats to their safety. Renegade Altameran privateers, depraved nation-less pirates, demon-worshiping cannibals, horrors from the uncharted oceans, and far worse are reminders for the city-states of the constant dangers that exist outside their walls.

These dangers are all-too-real, and to whom can one turn to in times of desperation and need when threats arise? Each city-state will defend its own, but outside that, help is not easy to come by. Even the enlightened gods favor all, yet they favor none; those whose prayers and sacrifices are the most persuasive bend their ears for a time. The gods are powerful and wise, but fickle they are, too, and to understand their ways is not the way of man.

This is no place for the weak of heart. Salvation comes from strength and strength alone. The strong survive, the weak do not. This is the tale of the rising of heroes, the elevation of men from what they were to what they are, the making of the great from the small, this is the story of ascension.

The Compass Rose